Universal narcotics & psychotropic drugs cabinet
Review type anesthesia drug management cabinet
Intelligent narcotics & psychotropic drugs management Workstation
Narcotics drugs service station
Narcotics drugs service station
Narcotics drugs service station
portable anesthesia pharmacy
Standard / Efficiency / Safety / Traceability
Operating room medication preparation area

Five specialized management is more standardized

Every step of operation and use strictly follows the "five-specialized management" standard to ensure the legality and compliance of the anesthesia drug and meet the regional requirements for the management of the anesthesia drug.


Intelligent management is more efficient

Support ID card reading/fingerprint/face recognition (no need to take off the mask)/username password login, safe and efficient; support one-click inventory, one-click handover, automatic generation of special books and accounts, AI automatic counting, the accuracy rate is 99.99%


Intelligent early warning is safer

Safe protection level, full cabinet intelligent lock, hidden double mechanical lock control, built-in vibration damage sensor, all-round protection of the cabinet; inventory, expiration date, intelligent monitoring of temperature and humidity, intelligent early warning


Precise closed-loop traceability

24-hour uninterrupted monitoring, which can be connected to the hospital monitoring center to accurately record "who logs in, who gets it", and the whole process can be traced. Truly realize "the source can be traced, the whereabouts can be traced"


One-click access is more convenient

One-key access, light-on guide operation, one-to-one correspondence between anesthesiologists and medicine boxes, error prompts for taking/depositing boxes, to prevent access errors

One-click access is more convenient
Smart guidance saves time
Smart guidance saves time

The electronic screen intelligently displays the name, time and other information of the medicine box holder/returner for easy access

Intelligent positioning is safer

The medicine box is automatically positioned when it is taken out of the workstation. If it is out of range, it will give an alarm. Two people are required to unlock it, ensuring the safety of medicines.

Intelligent positioning is safer
Intelligent sensing is more accurate

It can stably monitor the use of medicines in each storage compartment, with an accuracy rate of 99.99%

Intelligent sensing is more accurate

Department benefits


Intelligent positioning to prevent drug loss and ensure drug safety


Intelligent access, convenient and fast, improving the work efficiency of anesthesiologists


Full traceability, precise management, traceable drug flow

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