Universal narcotics & psychotropic drugs cabinet
Review type anesthesia drug management cabinet
Intelligent narcotics & psychotropic drugs management Workstation
Narcotics drugs service station
Review type anesthesia drug management cabinet
Review type anesthesia drug management cabinet
Automatic drug review to ensure the accuracy and safety of drug delivery
Standard / Efficiency / Safety / Traceability
Central pharmacy

Five specialized management is more standardized

Every step of operation and use strictly follows the "five-specialized management" standard to ensure the legality and compliance of the anesthesia drug and meet the regional requirements for the management of the anesthesia drug


Intelligent management is more efficient

Support ID card reading/fingerprint/face recognition (no need to take off the mask)/username password login, safe and efficient; support one-click inventory, one-click handover, automatic generation of special books and accounts, AI automatic counting, the accuracy rate is 99.99%


Intelligent early warning is safer

Safe protection level, full cabinet intelligent lock, hidden double mechanical lock control, built-in vibration damage sensor, all-round protection of the cabinet; inventory, expiration date, intelligent monitoring of temperature and humidity, intelligent early warning


Precise closed-loop traceability

24-hour uninterrupted monitoring, which can be connected to the hospital monitoring center to accurately record "who logs in, who gets it", and the whole process can be traced. Truly realize "the source can be traced, the whereabouts can be traced"


Leading visual review technology, supporting injection review

Visual verification of the name, batch number/expiry date of the extracted cannabis extract drug is performed, and drugs can be freely combined for cross-checking. Injection-type cannabis extract drugs can also be accurately verified. If a drug is incorrectly taken, a red warning screen appears along with voice broadcasting and a video clip is recorded, increasing the accuracy of drug taking and ensuring drug safety.

Leading visual review technology, supporting injection review
Drawer structure,  Partition storage
Drawer structure, Partition storage

The main cabinet adopts a 4-layer drawer design, with 4 drug compartments on each layer, and each drug storage compartment can store about 50 boxes of medicines (about 200 sticks), making storage more scientific and management more standardized

Department benefits:


Automatic drug review to improve the accuracy of drug delivery


Optimize management, get rid of the tedious process of taking medicine, and improve turnover efficiency.


Intelligent management, saving manpower and reducing manual operation errors

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